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Skin Care


Transform Your Skin with Harmony Trifolds

Do you remember the days when your skin glowed with youthful radiance? The days when your reflection in the mirror brought a confident smile to your face? Over time, life’s daily stresses, environmental factors, and age take their toll on your clinical works skin care, leaving you with a less-than-ideal complexion.

The Culprits: Stress, Pollution, UV Rays, Poor Diet

These detrimental factors can cause a multitude of imperfections to take hold, gradually diminishing your clinical works skin care’s natural ability to heal. It’s a reality that happens to all of us, and we’re often left with lackluster, drab skin. If left unaddressed, these conditions can spiral out of control, leading to issues like:

But don’t despair; there’s a solution that brings back the youthful allure, glowing skin, and confidence you once had.

Introducing Harmony Trifolds: The Perfect Balance of Beauty and Science

At Alpha DNA Health, we’re proud to offer the Alma Harmony, armed with its proprietary Advanced Florescence Technology. This cutting-edge technology is designed to treat a wide range of clinical works skin care imperfections, including:


How Long Will My Results Last?

While Harmony Trifolds can rejuvenate your skin, it's essential to remember that aging is a natural process. Sun exposure and environmental factors will continue to affect your skin. However, our Harmony treatments can maintain your healthy glow with periodic touch-up sessions.

Is Harmony Safe?

Absolutely. Thousands of patients worldwide have experienced beautiful results with our Harmony treatments.

How Long Will a Treatment Take?

Your personalized treatment plan depends on your unique skin condition and aesthetic goals.

Do I Need to Plan for Time Off for the Treatments?

No need! Alma Harmony treatments require no extended downtime, ensuring you can resume your routine activities with minimal interruption.